About Us

Attaining affordable broadband deployment remains a central tenet of YAS Capital Partners. And a lot of work remains to be done.
Estimates by the ITU, for instance, place the number of people worldwide who lack Internet access at about 4 billion people. That is about half the world’s population. Another significant number of people cannot afford the broadband technology that they can access, or they have limited broadband connectivity in the areas where they live.

Over the years the YAS team has committed itself to advancing the technical, economic and social transformations enabled by broadband. The company remains dedicated to working with global service providers, government agencies, private companies, educational organizations and equipment manufacturers to deploy first time innovations.

The YAS team has added a new venue for its broadband evangelism – the University of New Hampshire’s Broadband Center of Excellence. Now serving New Hampshire, New England and the world, YAS has developed a demonstration site at the UNH facility, and continues to work on enhancing innovative, nascent broadband technologies, such as using TV White Space, to extend broadband into rural areas. Read more…

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